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Welcome To New Navadvip Dham

The City Of Festival

11 Years of experience

About us

Join us in building the community for Hare Krishna devotees in the most fertile land in Rio Grande Valley.

Join us in the enchanting surroundings of the Rio Grande Valley and become a part of our loving community. Together, we'll grow in our devotion, cultivate spiritual understanding, and create lasting bonds of friendship. We look forward to welcoming you with open hearts and open arms.

New Navadvip Dham is a project of the devotees, by the devotees and for the devotees! Hare Krishna! 🙏🌿

Acres Of Land
Simple Living High Thinking

With The Blessings Of Their Lordships

We Invite you all for

First Gita Jayanti Celebration of Rio Grande Valley, Tx

22nd Dec to 25th Dec

New Navadvip Dham Property & Surroundings

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